Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The beginning

Ok so after five years... Wayne and I are officially starting our business. Actually we have done business several times but none has really taken off and none has ever produced a real profit. More importantly none were ever legally set up. The biggest issue with farming is that it is the only industry where you BUY retail and sale whole sale. This really sucj especially for a very small operation like we are.

So we are actually setting up two businesses. Buisness one: A hand crafted wood working shop where Wayne makes hand made goods. The main selling pouint here is on Etsy. We hope that next year we will have the inventory and money to go around to different craft fairs.

Buisness two: My husband wants to start making wind mills, and power storage packs for energy conservation. This one is a bit more complicated.

Today, day one I have spent looking at all the paper work I need to fill out.

I believe that step one is an LLC start up. Wish me luck.