Friday, July 29, 2011


Well we are off to a slow start. Huh I wrote this blog on my word and now I can't get it to copy and paste I guess now I know why the blogger I have been reading the longest complains about losing her blog posts. I guess you can't just type it into word and move it when ever your ready. Like I have enough time retype everything? DRATS! Of course and the 20 minutes it took to figure out how to add another post here. I do not like wrestling new computer stuff.

OK so my first mistake was that I told NOBODY not even my husband that I started a blog. Which is kind of sad because what is the fun of sharing if nobody is listening? Of course it might be that is is more business than fun. But I'll save the depressing parts for a later blog! Even though I'd really like a cheer leading squad to cheer for us I am really doing this so that I can have a record of what we are doing when and why. So some day I can look back and hopefully see "What the heck were we thinking?"

The power storage device is the more worthy part of our business and really kind of cool and even though Wayne has his prototype complete and working I am going to cover that later because there is a lot more paper work involved in that one.

First off Wayne and I did not see eye to eye on what the smaller crafty business would entail. I set up Etsy, hooked up the pay pal account I have had for years and this blog and called it a day. Wayne on the other hand wants to set up an online store, do something with video on YouTube and I am not sure what else even. So he set up all those axillary web sites and pages. He wants to give away free wood working designs and also make the item for sale as well. Step one one business plan AGREEING!

So what I have accomplished in the last six weeks was our first sale! OK it was mostly Wayne as he made up five items for sale. I am still working on my sale item. I started an Etsy store, I got the items together and set them up and did a photo shoot. Since we have kids we are doing mostly kid type stuff, I used own as models. Of course Beau was all smiles and Scarlett was all attitude. But I got pictures for our Etsy store and a few extra to eventually scrapbook, Wayne was playing peek a boo with Scarlett and some of those pictures were cute.

So the day after I loaded everything to Etsy I was checking my store and one item was missing. I though I had forgotten to load it correctly and I finally found it on my sold page! It was with great excitement we packed it up an sent our little red chair to it's new home in Florida!

So guys how can I get my blog out there and read? Is there any way that my pictures can be anywhere besides all at the top of my post and how do you edit them after the fact?

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